Flat Roofs

PB Home And Garden Design is a home and garden design company that specializes in flat roofs. We offer both residential and commercial flat roofing services, which include repairs to existing flat roofs, installation of new flat roofs, inspections for possible leaks or damage, and more. Our experienced team will work with you to create the perfect custom solution for your needs!

A flat roof is a structure covering composed of waterproof material intended to keep water from spilling over onto lower levels while still allowing water vapor to escape.

Flat roofs may be built using several different construction techniques. Most flat roofs are either constructed with interlocking modular panels called planks that interlock to form the roof surface or they consist of plywood surfaces over wood rafters. In other cases, flat roofs have been built using compressed felt or asphalt shingles applied over synthetic surfaces such as those made from flattened tubes of rather than conventional rolls of material.

What type of service do you need?

We can assist you both in the discovery process and consultation to determine your needs, as well as provide services during and after installation. We will work closely with you throughout this process so that we are able to create the best solution for your home or business.

We can even help you choose which flat roof is right for you, by providing detailed information on all of our professional products so that you know exactly what type of roofing solution will be installed on your property. To begin a quote or schedule a consultation please contact us today!

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